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Christine Mason, Realtor - Buyer Review (Adam & Ozzy)

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Hear what my happy clients have to say about their experience working with me. My commitment to raising the bar for what my clients expect from exclusive representation will have you navigating the most competitive real estate market in the world with ease. My strong negotiating skills, the deep market knowledge and a commitment to client service excellence, makes me the right Realtor for all your real estate needs.



Hi, my name is Adam Thongsavat and I'm Ozzy Arce and we worked with Christine to buy our very first home in San Francisco. We knew we wanted to buy a home in the bay area, so we reached out to Christine. We are on a trip to New York, and we called her. We did our closing process through it.

We went to go look at five places. We placed a bid on one the day we got back from new york, and within a couple of days, our bid was accepted and it was over in about a week. We essentially did everything virtually. And that was really helpful. Uploading paperwork, talking to the lender, and we were even able to set up the showings and did five tours the day after we landed from New York city.

And by the end of that week, we were putting in our first offer. So it happened so quickly, but I think that's what we were looking for.

I met Christine on a non-profit board that we both served on. She's someone who in a realtor, you want someone you can trust, you want someone who you have rapport relationship with. And when it came time to actually make the deal happen, she was the biggest advocate we could ask for.

Something that stood out was Christine 's ability to be calm throughout such a hectic process. Especially someone for me that kind of needs that reassurance that we're going to get through it. And I remember when we put in our last and final, she made a statement of this is the hardest part, and we'll get past this. I would also add when we place our first and only bid, we want the bid being the second highest bid. So that tells you a lot about Christine and her ability to negotiate, her ability to understand the industry of what's going to work.

And if you would have told us that two first time home buyers in San Francisco would get their first bid and only bid on the second highest offer, I wouldn't have believed you. But Christine helped us do that.

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